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What is a Privacy Policy?
A privacy policy details the way in which your use of a particular website may affect your privacy and personal information. It is important to read over the privacy policy to understand how your user information and personal information may be protected, collected, saved, or distributed.

This page outlines the privacy policy of NCS Cleaning Services, LLC to its users to ensure that they are informed of the obligations our website holds to them and have consented to our policies.

Browsing Information

We do not collect the browsing information of its users for any purpose. This includes the way in which you use and interact with our website. We respect your right to a private browsing experience and do not believe that the use of cookies will serve to improve your user experience. If you would like to ensure that your usage information is kept confidential when using our website or any other website, you can go to your browser settings to disable the use of cookies.

Personal Information

We understand the importance of protecting the personal information of our users, and take proper measures to keep any information provided by our users safe from unauthorized use, access or distribution. NCS Cleaning Services, LLC will not sell, share, or otherwise grant a third party access to your personal information. The information you provide us is for our sole use for contact purposes only. ​


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